So I’m wondering…is weed a drug? They say cigarettes aren’t. Both have to do with smoking natural occurring plants.

I’m at this point in my recovery where I believe I no longer need to go to NA. I didn’t really believe I belonged there to begin with. Now I just realized how much of a waste of time it was for me.



With the changing of my psych meds it’s been and interesting experience over the last few weeks. I’ve been good, depressed, emotional and hyped up.

They say in recovery that if you have reservations you’re setting yourself up for relapse. The problem I have is how do I combat them?

When it comes to my eating habits I’ve definitely been falling into some behaviors. I keep telling myself that it’s not a road I want to go down. Then I see pictures of myself or I see thin people and I instantly want to lose weight by any means possible. I haven’t had a relapse with bulimia even though there’s days when I have to convince myself not to.

When it comes to my drug use I’ve had some really bad urges to use any stimulant possible. I’ve had a noticeable increase in nicotine and caffeine lately. I’ve even been using caffeine pills when the urges get really bad. Adderall would do the trick but that’s not what I want. I want fucking cocaine real bad. I’m missing the whole experience.

My head keeps telling me that once I have some time I can go back out and only use sometimes but I know it won’t be sometimes. I know if I start using it’ll help me lose weight and the cycle will happen all over again. I also know that cocaine is getting cut with fentanyl where I live. A part of me just doesn’t care.

If I keep my reservations alive they may just kill me.

Torn in half

One of the worst things about being Borderline is this constant battle that goes on in your head. You see the world as black and white when really the word is all different shades of gray.

While in the hospital they discussed these concepts with me. They told me to write, learn what I’m feeling, and to look at the world in various different ways. This is not something I’ve mastered and some days are better than others.

Recently I’ve been very sick. I haven’t really been up for more than an hour without having to go back to bed. I haven’t been to work since last Wednesday and I have Monday off. I’ve felt useless and guilty staying home. Since I’ve been contagious I haven’t really had the choice but to stay home.

Staying home alone and being Borderline is NOT a good mix. No matter how much time you’re asleep, you’re awake just enough to start overthinking everything. There aren’t any distractions; it’s just you sitting in your own shit coming up with all black and white answers to everything that isn’t going the way you want it to.

Your head starts spinning and you start making plans. You start to dissociate from yourself. And all you want to do is to start implementing those plans and yet because your sick you’re stuck in bed looking at the ceiling just waiting for your fever to spike and for the lights to go out.

Having Difficulties

In recovery there will be times when things can get difficult. I'm coming up on 6 months clean and I'm having a very difficult time.

Now that I have some time, I believe that I can have control over using. I feel like I can drink and use pot without doing other things. They say if you have this thought process your reserving space for a relapse.

I want to feel rebellious again. I wanna have this feeling like "fuck the man!" Not only that but I'm now HUGE! I mean to the point where I want to resort to anything to get this weight off. Everyone thinks I look healthy but all I see is 50lbs that need to be shed. I even talked to my counselor about it but she was more concerned about the fact that I'm experiencing a lot of dissociation.

I just don't know how to handle everything. I feel like I've lost all control. That my world is just going on all by itself and I have no say.

Anxiety at all time high

Today: fiancé caused me to be 45 min late to work.
Work: program not up and running. Awaiting benefits exam results. A coworker/program partner is a charged thief and forger and in the middle of a court case for stealing medications. Causing paranoia in me that she'll steal something from me. Has only been employed a week and hasn't worked a full week yet.
Medical: frequent nosebleeds. Headaches. Elbow and wrist pain from them being broken a few years back. Bursa in my foot.
Weight: heaviest I've ever been in my life. People think I look great.
Addiction: feeling like I don't qualify. Garbage can addict.

That's enough to cause anyone anxiety. For me I have a generalized anxiety disorder so all of that is causing me to go overboard. Not only because I have those things going on but just the day to day anxiety. I talked to my doctor about it and he put me back on Ativan. So now I have to worry about my fiancé not getting into that.

There's so much going on I'm trying to keep it together. I feel like I'm slipping into a depression. I just want to be ok. I hate that there's always a battle in my head. All I want is to be healthy and happy.

Everyday Life

What’s the point of living in recovery? They say it’s so that we can be “productive members of society.” I don’t want to be an acceptable and productive member of society. Aligning myself to those standards makes me live like every other fucking person in the world. I get up, go to work, make dinner and then go to bed. We do that same routine every fucking day for the next 40 years. How pointless is that? 

What do we live for? We have a whole world to experience and we won’t be able to experience even half of it. 

We are a controlled society. Just a human machine governed by the governments to make sure we don’t get out of hand. We work day in and day out just so that we can live paycheck to paycheck and put more money in the pockets of those who don’t need it. 

Using drugs was like saying “fuck the man! I don’t give a shit what you say!” Now that I’m in “recovery” I’m just bowing down and submitting to their terms on how to live in their governed society. 

Pink Cloud Popped

They say in recovery that there are times in early recovery where you ride on this pink cloud and feel like “I got this.” The urges to use aren’t something that really take a toll on you and you can usually handle them. 

I most definitely was riding on a pink cloud. Mine has now popped and blown away. The urges to use are extreme. Thinking about using gets me excited. I see bottles with controlled substance stickers on them and instantly want to see if it’s my drug of choice…or something better. 

Songs, shows or discussion in meetings about angel dust get me going really bad. I start thinking about how I’ll get some and/or how I’ll combine them with other things. I think about how all the weight I’ve gained will come off quickly. 

That’s the next thing. I’ve gained a substantial amount of weight. My counselor is helping me to eat right but all I see is a growing belly and big thighs. My head keeps screaming at me about my weight gain and how I need to shed some of it. I keep trying to wake up in the morning to exercise but I can never seem to get up. This stupid medication works wonders for my mental illness but for my weight it kills me. I’ve even thought about getting those vitamins that curb your appetite, at least until I can control my eating urges. 

I’ve told myself that once my Ben and Jerrys ice cream is gone (there’s not much left) that I’ll go on a detox to jump start my system.

I NEED to have overall wellness. I have to take it seriously so I can live a good life and start a family.